Today people of the Western World are many times described as being entitled, superficial, selfish, uninterested and mostly living a virtual life.

To me, the people taking part of the project "Seen" are representing those, who defy that description. In this project I portray people, who use the virtual world to create and share meaningful experiences in real life; who want to tell their stories, take off their armours, become vulnerable and let themselves be seen.

Although each element is deliberately chosen, I attempt to preserve the personal connection and the intimacy of the encounter by keeping the set minimalistic, using only natural light and slower shutter speed.

Each finished piece consists of several smaller images featuring the same person. I hope, this approach encourages viewers to be engaged by the images for a longer time, perhaps in studying the differences between the images and interpreting the stories behind the pictures for themselves. My aim is to pull viewers into the subject’s world and give them the time and space to reflect on their own emotions and experience.